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Andy Palacio and Garifuna Collective

Last night Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective put on a true Belizean performance in the courtyard of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. All songs song in Garifuna made for a special night for those fortunate enough to be present. The crowd was full and the setting intimate. Andy prompted the crowd to dance during the his first song, and most stayed dancing throughout the night. A mostly white crowd - and over the age of 50 - moved to the music freely. But the handfull of Belizeans present worked their way up front and danced to the music as it is meant to be, as Andy friendly advised one American Blonde strutting on stage "it's all in the hips."

And as if Andy palacio and theGarifuna were not enough to make for an extraordinary night - legendary Garifuna compuser Paul Nabor - at the age of 79 - came onstage and performed several songs. His voice - his stylistic dance steps - and his weatherworn face all combined to bring the crowd to their feet and sway as one to his music and movement.

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